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Mobile Coupons

Maximize your marketing strategy with the speed, convenience, and positive return from Mobile Coupons using free gift offers, % discounts, incentives, and reminders with Jomas Media’s Mobile Coupon Platform. (Traditional retail coupons are great until you have to worry about planning, scheduling, printing/reprinting, and mailing costs; or relying upon the customer to bring in their redeemable coupon.)

Mobile Voting

Jomas Media's Mobile Voting Service enables you to create all types of fun and engaging SMS votes and polls. As people vote via text messaging, every vote is categorized and automatically tallied so it's really easy for you to see and analyze the results.

Jomas Media's Mobile Voting Service allows you to ask a multiple choice question with up to TEN choices. All people need to do to participate is to text your Mobile Keyword to e.g. 69302. Immediately, they will receive a personalized text message customized by you with all the choices they can vote for. They simply need to reply back with just the number that's tied to the choice, and that's it!

Every vote, reply message and mobile number will be collected in your personal database and can be re-used for future voting campaigns. In addition, our voting module ensures every mobile phone can only vote once keepings things fair and simple.

Text to Screen

Our text messaging platform enables your audience to text a mobile keyword (e.g. "Jomas") followed by a message to a designated short code (e.g. 69302) which then can be projected onto a large screen at your venue in real time. It is extremely easy to use and highly effective. Our platform also enables you to filter messages, specific words, and/or block flagged phone numbers. Jomas Media's Text-to-Screen feature allows you to collect the mobile phone numbers to use in the future for text messages, promotions, event notifications, and coupons.

Picture/Video Messaging

Multimedia Message Service (MMS) is the new standard in mobile messaging to send text messages that includes pictures and videos to and from mobile phones which often gets 2 to 3 times the response rate in comparison to standard text messaging alone. With multimedia content, brand and advertisers can now deliver powerful messages faster than any communication medium ever seen before.

Voice Broadcast

Voice messaging combines the personal touch of a human voice with advanced technology allowing you to communicate with hundreds or thousands of people with a single telephone call using a pre-recorded message.

Voice marketing provides your business with a platform to execute voice marketing campaigns driving traffic directly to your store, website or event, while simultaneously, increasing customer loyalty and owner satisfaction.


A Mobile Keyword is a one-word phrase identifying a product, service, action, or business. People text a mobile keyword to a pre-publicized 4, 5 or 6-digit short code number to receive additional information and to join your mobile distribution list. For example, if a customer texts "Jomas" to 69302, the customer will immediately receive an automated text response you can setup and change at anytime. The text response can be more information about your product or service tied to that specific keyword. You can also setup a different automated response with each mobile keyword that you setup. Anybody who creates an account with Jomas Media can immediately create a mobile keyword as long as it's not already taken by another Jomas Media user (much like owning an Internet URL).

Short Code

You've seen mobile keyword and short code technology on TV shows, radio commercials, billboards, print advertising, and websites. Short Codes are special telephone numbers typically 4 to 6 digits long. Unlike regular 10-digit phone numbers, you cannot call a short code number. They are used for texting purposes only. Short codes are similar to other regular 10-digit phone numbers you can send text messages to. Typically they are used for business purposes for consumers to purchase products or to request additional information about a product, service, or business.

Mobile Ecard

Jomas Media's text messaging platform now enables you to be creative and design your own custom Mobile eCards. Upload any image, insert your own text, and send to any mobile phone via MMS. It's incredibly easy, personal, and sure to grab everyone’s attention!

You can text all of the phone numbers in your Jomas Media account with our built-in bulk SMS tool and send thousands of picture text messages (MMS) with a single click - perfect for sales flyers, seasonal cards, and custom banners for branding. You can pre-schedule e-mobile cards for upcoming events or milestones.

SMS Reminders

Mobile Text Reminder is an incredibly affordable and easy-to-use tool for any business or organization hoping to use SMS to their marketing advantage. Now, what is this tool? Its a non-intrusive way of sending out reminders regarding appointments, special events, etc. to your clients. It would help you and your staff to use your valuable time and resources for other tasks.

Shuffle Responder

With the SMS Shuffle Responder, you can create 10 different promotional text messages for your business and text your keyword which will automatically be shuffled maxmizing your exposure (up to ten messages, last message will inform customer the pool has been exhausted). Its great for setting up a pool of different
pre-planned promotional messages to send to your customers (i.e. daily specials, joke of the day, bible verses, etc.)

Texting Solutions

If your company is looking to develop a sophisticated mobile marketing campaign using social media services, text messaging, and coupon features; but is not interested in using multiple service providers, then Jomas Media is the right fit for you. Try us now!

Available Features

Email Solutions

In today's market, the ability to use email and use it effectively is critical. Unfortunately, most businesses do not have the time or necessary tools to understand complicated programs. This is where Jomas Media services can help you.

Regardless of your organization's size, industry, or resource limitations; Jomas Media has the ability and experience you need to help you create and deliver personalized, targeted messages to your subscribers that will drive engagement and ROI.

In addition, we offer a wide variety of templates ready immediately for your use. And if you don't see what you want, Jomas Media offers custom template services for a nominal fee.

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